Why choose AVS for your valuation needs?

Why Choose Applied Valuation Services

Customer Solutions

Applied Valuation’s Customer Solutions team is made up of an experienced staff dedicated to providing prompt, accurate and courteous service. Our team of knowledgeable and attentive individuals will respond to urgent requests and immediate needs. Whether you call or email our team, you will receive the resolution you need.   We work hard to provide a level of support that far exceeds traditional client standards and expectations of quality, timeliness and product satisfaction.

At Applied Valuation Services, our goal is to provide our customers with unparalleled and highly individualized service delivery. Our Operations Team believes communication is essential to efficient service delivery and works diligently to continually update all parties from order acceptance to final delivery. Additionally, a Client Relationship Manager is assigned to each customer as a primary point of contact and to ensure that all needs are met.

Client Specification

Years of experience have shown us that while valuation products may be standardized, customer needs are highly individual and unique. Our Customer Service and Quality teams work closely with each customer to identify specific needs at each point of the order life cycle to maximize efficiency and delivery turn times.

Client Specifications
Quality & Compliance

Quality & Compliance

Applied Valuation Services takes multiple steps to ensure quality end products are delivered to our customers.

Applied Valuation Services uses experienced vendor partners that are appropriately credentialed by state agencies and pass an internal qualifying process.   Our Quality Team also provides our vendor partners with training opportunities and continual detailed performance feedback in order to refine and improve on the valuations they complete.

At Applied Valuation Services, we employ a qualified staff of experienced review appraisers in lieu of relying on automated review processes. We develop underwriter checklists that conform to each customer’s client specific needs, going beyond the basic industry requirements. All final products are UAD and USPAP compliant.

The vast number of recent changes to the industry regulations have made compliance more important than ever. Our Compliance Team stays abreast of the constant changes, develops implementation processes and maintains all required documentation.


Applied Valuation Services has developed technology solutions that help to streamline the delivery of both information and end products. Our platform offers flexibility and customization options including customer and product requirements, adaptable process workflows and vendor profile management.

  • Additional features include:
  • 24/7 web portal access
  • Online product forms (BPO)
  • Real time customer and vendor communication
  • Electronic communication, order receipt, and report delivery capabilities
  • Direct customer and third-party interface development
  • Easy and secure document transfer

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